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    Kazakhstan, Atyrau, Geologist village
    Gurievsnab, buiding 1, Zagorodnaya street 1

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How to Buy Metal in Atyrau?

Our company offers all customers to buy metal in Atyrau at the best prices. This is not just a marketing slogan, which should be taken as a call to action. We really provide our customers with the best conditions among other metal bases in the western region of Kazakhstan and are ready to explain or demonstrate reasonable reasons for such an attitude to the supply of metal and business in general.

We all understand that the best motivator for the purchase of a particular consumer offer, in our case it is metallurgical products from leading manufacturing plants, is its extremely low cost. But there are two ways to offer your client a low price. The main implies a reduction in product quality, which we could not allow under any circumstances. But the second point is the expansion of partnership agreements with leading global manufacturers. It was difficult, but we managed to become official representatives of a number of major players in the CIS market and beyond.

After signing agreements on cooperation and obtaining rights for price regulation, we received the authority to control the quality of production. No, we trust our partners, we just care about our customers and such attention to meticulous checks makes everyone with a great zeal to buy metal in Atyrau. Having the special status of a dealership, in our ability to order the necessary batches of metal from leading manufacturers and process such orders in the shortest possible terms.
If we compare all these three factors, the proposal of the Steel Yard - Atyrau company looks literally without any alternative. Atyrau receives orders from all over the country, since there are a lot of sellers of rolled metal in Kazakhstan, but none of the market representatives have our conditions. We are pleased to offer each client individual financial options and do not set any conditions for acquiring lots of a certain amount. We work from one product unit to huge shipments.

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