from 300,000 tenge per ton

Also known as an H-beam, the beam’s vertical side resists the sheer force exerted upon it, while the flanges help the beam resist the load’s pressure, which would otherwise cause it to bend. The depth of a UB is always greater than its width, making it more suited to carrying bending loads.

Category: Shaped steel

I-Beam double flanged - this type of products include hot rolled double flanged beams (I-beams), produced according to GOST 535-88. I-Beams are separated into several types:

I-Beams with parallel flanges

  • normal (20B, and etc.)
  • wide flanges (20Sh and etc.)
  • column (20K and etc.)

The assortment of I-beams with parallel flanges can correspond to either GOST 26020-83, or its own unique technical specification STO ASCHM 20-93 of Nizhniy Tagil metallurgical plant, that is the main supplier of I-Beams in Russia.

I-Beams with sloping edges of flanges

  • normal (edge slope 6-12%) GOST 8239-89 (№10, 12, 16 and etc.)

Assortment of such I-Beams corresponds to GOST 8239-89. Special (M and C):

  • M - for hanging rails (edge slope not more than 12%): 18M, 24M, 30M and etc.;
  • C - for reinforcement of mine shafts (edge slope not more than 16%): 14S, 20S and etc.

Assortment of such double flanged beams corresponds to GOST 19425-74. The number of the I-beam is its conventional size (height) in cm.

normal I-beam 30B1 - h (height of the beam)=296mm

normal I-beam 30B2-h=299mm. The rest of the dimensions: width of the flanges, thickness of the walls and etc.  is made according to GOST.

The minimum size of the I-beam is 10, maximum - 100 (100B4). All, that is above or below this specification can only be made by special order to factory-producer. The size of the I-beam - is the length between the outer flange edges. Double flanged beams are used in large-panel, industrial and civilian construction of floors, column metal constructs, bridges, supports and hanging rails.

  • Name

  • I-beam Б-1
  • I-beam Б-1
  • I-beam Б-1
  • I-beam Б-1
  • I-beam Б-1
  • I-beam Б-1
  • I-beam Б-1
  • Size

  • 12
  • 14
  • 16
  • 20
  • 25
  • 30
  • 35
  • Length

  • 12
  • 12
  • 12
  • 12
  • 12
  • 12
  • 12
  • Weight 1 pc/kg

  • 110
  • 128
  • 156
  • 275
  • 330
  • 415
  • 500
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