GI Profiled Sheet

from 313,000 tenge per ton

The profiled sheet has the same advantages as the galvanized steel sheet, that is, high corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, durability, strength, fire resistance, tightness. And also, due to the presence of corrugations, this product is more rigid and even can be used as a carrier element.

Category: Sheet steel

Profiled steel sheet, it is a steel sheet on which the profile is made - trapezoid corrugations obtained on the profile bending machines. To obtain such a product, a cold-rolled steel sheet with a galvanized or aluminum-zinc coating is used. In the second case, the coating turns out to be more corrosion resistant, but rather expensive, so such sheeting is not widespread. It does not even have GOST, but is produced according to TU. Mainly profiled sheet is used in construction for arranging the roof, as a facing material for walls, for the rapid construction of various premises (utility room, cabins, warehouses, etc., where the product acts as the main structural element) and for creating formwork for the construction of large objects.

Types of profile sheets

The main classification of this metal is according to its purpose (it is allowed to use the specified types of profiled sheet for other purposes, if allowed by the design documentation):

Carrying profiled sheet

The profile of this type is the strongest and has the greatest thickness of the sheet, and in the corrugations there are additional stiffening ribs. It can take the whole range of loads (wind, snow, from the weight of the roof with insulation) and is used to create floors and load-bearing walls. It is divided into two types:

  • the most durable type, which is used to create garages, warehouses, etc .
  • longitudinal - to create arched structures - hangars, sheds, etc.
  • for the creation of floorings of concrete slabs

Wall profiled sheet

This type of corrugated flooring is designed for the perception of wind loads and is used for arranging protective structures. Divided into two main types:

  • used to create walls and fences, experiencing mainly wind load;
  • used for cladding walls and creating fences that are not experiencing large wind loads.

Roofing profiled sheet

Used to create a roof, waterproofing layer and is designed not only for the perception of wind loads, but also to precipitation, including snow loads.


Resistance coating for the profiled sheet 

The profiled sheet also has a classification according to the type of protective coating, of which two types are known, with a zinc coating and with an aluminum zinc coating (55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon). In addition, the galvanized profiled sheet may have an additional protective coating, which increases corrosion resistance and visual appeal.

  • from acrylic;
  • from plastisol;
  • from Pural (dramatically increases durability up to 50 years);
    from polyester (to increase wear resistance);
  • polyvinylidene fluoride coating (to protect against UV radiation);
  • epoxy coating.

By type of corrugation

  • with a constant length profile section;
  • with the presence of additional punching to increase adhesion to concrete;
  • perforated.

  • Name

  • GI profiled sheet
  • GI profiled sheet
  • GI profiled sheet
  • GI profiled sheet
  • GI profiled sheet
  • GI profiled sheet
  • Size

  • 0.45
  • 0.5
  • 0.55
  • 0.6
  • 0.7
  • 0.8
  • Length

  • 1000*6000
  • 1000*6000
  • 1000*6000
  • 1000*6000
  • 1000*6000
  • 1000*6000
  • Weight 1 pc/kg

  • 27,6
  • 31
  • 34,8
  • 35,6
  • 42,3
  • 47,5
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