Round Bar

from 295,000 tenge per ton

A type of long steel products (solid bar with a circular cross section), which is suited to a range of commercial, domestic and industrial applications. It is usually used as a raw material for the production of pipes, metal structures (reinforcing element) and blanks for parts of various complexity.

Category: Long steel

One of the most popular types of rental. It is a cylindrical billet with a diameter of 5 to 270 mm. The billet with a diameter of over 270 mm is produced in consultation with the customer. The hottest and most easily cast rounds obtained on continuous casting machines are most in demand.

The advantages of the steel round bar

The first advantage of the steel round bar is its high manufacturability, as the circle is considered one of the most technologically advanced types of rolled products, which has a beneficial effect on its cost. And the universality of this rolled product is also considered to be its integral predominant factor, because thanks to the circular section, a wide variety of details can be obtained from this blank, both round and any other shape.

Steel round bar applications

The round bar most often is the initial blank for obtaining various products having wide use in various branches of human activity:

  • For rolled from it another cold and hot rolled - angles, channels, tavrov, I-beams, axial billet, etc.
  • For the production of a wide variety of hardware - bolts, nuts, studs, rivets, etc.
  • For the manufacture of grinding balls.

But the round bar is also used as a finished product. For example, in construction during the construction of monolithic-frame objects, acting as reinforcement. From the bar of small diameters make various fences, decorative products, including those obtained by forging. To sum up, the round bar is widely used in the engineering, shipbuilding, automotive, construction industries.

The material of manufacture and the range of the round bar in accordance with GOST 2590-2006, where the bar can be made of steel of the following grades: carbon (St3, St20, St35, St45); low alloyed (Steel 40X, Steel 40XH); high-alloyed (08Х18Н10, 38XH3MA, 40ХН2МА14Х17Н2 and others), high-speed (U7; U7A; U8A).

  • Name

  • Round bar, GOST 2590-2006
  • Round bar, GOST 2590-2006
  • Round bar, GOST 2590-2006
  • Round bar, GOST 2590-2006
  • Round bar, GOST 2590-2006
  • Round bar, GOST 2590-2006
  • Size

  • 20
  • 30
  • 36
  • 40
  • 42
  • 50
  • Length

  • 5.8-6.0
  • 5.77-5.8
  • 6.05
  • 6.05
  • 6.05
  • 6.05
  • Weight 1 pc/kg

  • 15
  • 35
  • 48,5
  • 61
  • 67
  • 94
  1. Alex Bongomeyr

    It benefits from the key qualities of steel including strength and formability, but thanks to its reduced carbon content it is easier to work and can be drilled, cut and welded to suit a huge number of applications.

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