Steel Piping Products Trading Company

Pipe hire is one of the most sought-after in construction, building metal structures, laying communications, or even creating designer furniture or street designs. You can buy high-strength galvanized pipes from us with corrosion resistance in a size range of diameters from 15 mm to 159 mm. Such products can be used for laying communications, designer products, equipment for gas pipelines.

Steel water and gas pipes are an excellent choice for sealed structures with high pressure and extreme temperature conditions. They meet all the requirements for laying water and gas pipelines.

Another popular item in our catalog is electric welded pipes. A wide range and versatility in the use of these products rolled pipe allow you to apply them everywhere. Profile pipes of various sections and sizes in our store are also presented. With their help, both external frameworks of structures and various types of furniture, outdoor advertising structures or urban design elements (lanterns, benches, sculptures) are created. All pipe products in our range comply with the requirements of GOST and are of high quality and range, since all our suppliers are metallurgical plants that have proven themselves from the most positive aspects.