Long Steel Products Trading Company

The company Steel Yard offers you to buy long products in a wide range. Among our offers are various options for non-hollow steel profiles of standard sizes at a reasonable price. We supply metal products from leading manufacturers of the metallurgical industry, such types of varietal products such as:

Reinforcing bar from high-quality steel in sizes from 8 to 32 bar length from 6 running meters to 11,7 running meters; Square varietal in bars 6 rm. with standard sizes from 10х10 to 20х20 mm.; Steel bars of circular cross section with a diameter of 20 to 50 mm with a meter size of 5.8-6.05 meters in a bar; Rolling strip of steel GOST 380-2005 in sizes 25x4 and 40x4 mm.

All products undergo total quality control and are equipped with a standard set of documents for compliance. 

Here you can find the types of long-rolled metal necessary for your needs both in retail and wholesale. A convenient ordering and receiving system in major cities of Kazakhstan, high quality of high-quality rolled products and a wide choice of standard sizes will allow you to buy long products for any needs, including:

For construction work;

For the manufacture of various metal structures for household and industrial use;

For the production of parts or components of all-metal rods.


With us you will receive high-quality metal from the best manufacturers, corresponding to the standards of GOST and all the requirements for hot-rolled, cold-rolled, calibrated profiles.