Hardware Products Trading Company

Hardware group - one of the most diverse among the hardware. Assembly and installation of any construction is impossible without various hardware. At the same time, hardware assignments are also extremely diverse: from strengthening wooden structures to complex metal-concrete, metal-to-metal connections, fastening products to glass, stone and other materials, reinforcing and reinforcing various structures.

Under the term hardware, various fasteners are assembled, including rolled metal products. In our online store such metal-rolled metal products are presented and can be ordered online at any time, and the responsible manager in your city will contact you during the working day to clarify the details on your order. Please note that if you need a non-standard batch of hardware products, you can use the service of transit supplies, and order a range of hardware directly from the manufacturer.

Steel reinforcing wire - one of the most popular positions among the hardware. It serves to reinforce reinforced concrete structures. You can buy it from us in coils with different diameter of the rod section from 1.2 mm to 5 mm.

Steel rod - blank for the production of reinforcing wire, nails, pins, blanks for hardware for various purposes. It is actively used in the economy and production. Our steel wire rod is represented in bays and rods in sizes of 6.5 and 8 mm.

The grid is a finished version of a wicker construction of steel rods with different cell sizes. Armored belts for reinforced concrete and brick structures are made of steel mesh, the cells are produced and the curvilinear atypical structures are reinforced by it. We sell a grid of blocks with a standard size of 1x3 m. You can choose a modification with a suitable cell size from 50x50 mm to large-cell 200x200mm.