Formed Metal Products Trading Company

Metal profiles of complex shape are called shaped steel. These products are distinguished not only by their rather specific shape, which has its own additional stiffeners, but also by its large size. This combination allows you to implement their main function - to ensure maximum rigidity of the structure. Therefore, the types of shaped steel is often used to create frames.

Also non-standard options for rolling profiles are used for specific branches of construction - shipbuilding, railway structures. There are not many kinds of shaped metal, but all of them are presented in our catalog in various sizes.

Among our range you will find steel corners (g-shaped profiles) with equal sides in sizes from 25 to 125 mm with a metal thickness of 4 to 10 mm. Also in the catalog are presented I-beams - beams of the H-shaped section in frame sizes from 12 to 35 mm. We also have a large assortment of channels - П-shaped profiles, which are used both in private construction and in professional high-rise architectural objects.

You can buy from us both small shaped rolling profiles for low-rise construction and small architectural forms, as well as the largest sizes, featuring maximum strength and compliance with all GOST standards.