Flat Bar

from 310,000 tenge per ton

Metal in the form of a strip - recognized as one of the most popular types of long products due to its multifunctional capabilities. Flat bar is a cost-effective and remarkably versatile form, it is made by hot-rolled steel in the form of a solid profile with a rectangular cross-section.

Category: Long steel

Steel flat bar is one of the most popular types of rolled products, as it is (semi-finished) for very popular profiles - the corner and the channel. In addition, various hardware is made of it - nuts, knives and even square pipes. Often this rental is used on construction objects, as a reinforcing element, for grounding or the creation of various metal structures. Ferrous metal is used for the production of this metal - mainly St3 and St5 steel grades. The production of hot-rolled steel is regulated by GOST 103-76, cold-rolled - GOST 503-81.

Hot-rolled flat bar

Hot-rolled flat bar - the most sought-after type of strip. Distinguish rolled dimensional (length 0.6 and 1.2 m), a multiple of the measured length and unmeasured (length 0.2 - 0.6 m). At the same time, a bar with a thickness of up to 4.5 mm is produced with a width of all sizes provided for by GOST. In accordance with GOST 103-76, the size of this product may vary in the range:

  • length - 2-10 m;
  • width - 20–200 mm;
  • thickness - 4 - 40 mm.

The flat bar is sold in linear meters and, depending on the dimensional tolerances, can be normal and increased accuracy.

Cold-rolled flat bar

This metal has the following classifications according to the condition of the material: high-rated, loaded, semi-chartered, soft, very soft. By type and quality of the surface there are bands from the first to the fourth group. According to the manufacturing accuracy, the flat bar is divided by thickness, width, edge type, crescent and microstructure:

By thickness

  • high precision
  • high accuracy
  • normal accuracy

By width

  • high accuracy
  • normal accuracy

By type of edges

  • with uncut edges
  • with trimmed edges

By crescent

  • with control
  • class A
  • class B
  • without control

By microstructure

  • with control
  • without control

The width of the flat bar varies depending on its width in the following indicators

  • Name

  • Flat bar, ГОСТ 380-2005
  • Flat bar, ГОСТ 535-2005
  • Size

  • 25*4
  • 40*4
  • Length

  • 6000
  • 6000
  • Weight 1 pc/kg

  • 5
  • 8
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    All items were cut to the exact same size which made my job so much easier and enabled me to save so much time and effort I can’t ask for much more

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