Square Bar

from 285,000 tenge per ton

Square bar is suited to a huge range of frame building, fencing applications and others. It is a square rod with a length of up to 24 mm and a cross section of up to 700 mm. There are several types of steel bar squares differing in the method of production: hot rolled, continuously cast, forged and calibrated.

Category: Long steel

Hot-rolled square bar - the most demanded type of this profile, combining ease of manufacture and the possibility of obtaining dimensions in the widest range (from 6 to 200 mm). Continuous casting - the most accessible type of this profile, obtained by continuous casting machines, is used only as a blank for the production of various hot-rolled profiles. Forged - the most durable look, but also one of the most expensive, and calibrated - the most accurate in size profile view, obtained by cold rolling. Steel square can be made of steel of various grades:

  • carbon - St3, St20, St35; St45
  • low alloyed - Steel 40X, Steel 40XH;
  • high-alloyed - 08Х18Н10; 40XH2MA; 38XH3MA; 14Х17Н2 and others
  • high-speed - U7; U7A; U8A.

The advantages of square steel

Among the advantages of this type of profile are its recognized universal characteristics that allow the use of the bar in many areas and such indicators as:

  • high processability - to get square rolled or square continuously cast billet is much easier than round;
  • equal strength in perpendicular planes;
  • versatility.

Area of ​​use of the square steel

The scope of application of the steel square is so wide that it is used as a finished product during construction work, and as a raw material in the production of other metal derivatives:

  • as a blank for other types of rolled products;
  • as a blank for the production of engineering products - shafts, axles, bushings, etc .;
  • as a supporting element in the construction of frame structures, ceilings, fences, etc.

Square bar classification

About the main classification, depending on the method of obtaining, we have already described above. In addition, the following classifications are additionally available for a square bar:

By accuracy classes:

  • conventional accuracy (B1 - B5)
  • high accuracy (B1, B2).

According to the length of the workpiece:

  • measured length (MD) - the minimum measured length of 2 m.
  • measured length with an unmeasured additional segment (MD1);
  • multiple dimensional length (KD);
  • multiple of measured length with an unmeasured additional segment (KD1);
  • unmeasured length (ND);
  • in hanks (NMD).

There are also several other underused types of rolled products along the length. The maximum length of hot rolled square billet is 24 m.


  • from i to iV


  • Name

  • Square bar ст.3сп/пс
  • Square bar ст.3сп/пс
  • Square bar ст.3сп/пс
  • Square bar ст.3сп/пс
  • Square bar ст.3сп/пс
  • Size

  • 10х10
  • 12х12
  • 14х14
  • 16х16
  • 20х20
  • Length

  • 6.05
  • 6.05
  • 6.05
  • 6.05
  • 6.05
  • Weight 1 pc/kg

  • 5,0
  • 6,84
  • 9,32
  • 12,16
  • 19
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