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Favorable prices for metal in Atyrau

The company Steel Yard - Atyrau is pleased to announce the expansion of the partner base in the current year. We revised our relations with a large number of leading world-renowned metal producers and signed corresponding agreements with several other major players. Thus, the conditions for our customers gain a new level of development. From this point on, we further strengthen the quality control of all products entering our metal warehouse and reduce the chance of manufacturing defects to zero. This does not mean that we do not trust our partners. On the contrary, we choose only the best ones, but there is always a small probability of getting a marriage, and we minimize this probability. Among other things, we have expanded the transit supply system, which has gained high popularity among our many customers. Now, in order to buy metal in Atyrau, it is not necessary to organize self-pickup or to engage in a complex logistics process. 

This especially affects the current budget when it comes to large batches. In such cases, we provide transportation of the ordered batch directly from the factory to the customer's site. Significant cost savings, time and effort.

Together with a number of extended powers, Steel Yard - Atyrau received the opportunity to regulate pricing policy within the official partner. All this allows us to create new financial conditions for our customers and offer the lowest prices for shaped products, long products and flat products, metal and pipe products, not only in Atyrau and the region, but throughout Kazakhstan (see the extensive network of company branches on the map).

Our main goal is not to earn big money from large margins, we prefer a more competent financial doctrine aimed at greater sales volumes and a constant expansion of the customer base. For this we create new conditions for your convenience!