Binding Wire
Binding Wire

Binding wire

Binding wire - lengthy metal product, used as a crude material for production of nets, springs, cables, steel ropes, electric wires and electrodes, etc.

According to GOST 2333-74 binding wire is classified according to:

  • shape;
  • type of surface finish;
  • chemical composition;
  • mechanical and other properties.

Industrial binding wire OK:

Produced according to GOST 3282-74 with diameters from 0.16 to 10mm heat-treated and not, white, black (with scaling), zinc coated: 1-st and 2-nd classes with or without wire rod cover, as well as low carbon steel according to GOST 1050-74.

Sometimes white OK binding wire is called needle wire or nail wire.


Name Size Length Weight 1 pc/kg
Binding wire OK 1.2 7320 65
Binding wire OK 1.6 4120 65
Binding wire OK 1.8 3560 65
Binding wire OK 2.0 2630 65


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