Steel reinforcing bar (rod, GOST 5781-82, GOST R 52544-2006) used for reinforcementdiffers by the type of profile:

  • plain
  • periodic profile (grooved)

Depending on the mechanical properties  the rebar rod is differentiated into classes: AI (A240), AII (A300), AIII (A400), AIV (A600), AV (A800), AVI (A1000).

The rods of the rebar class:

  • AI - plain
  • AII, AIII, AIV - periodically profiled.

The index then includes:

“t” - for thermally hardened rebar steel;

“v” - strengthened by drawing.

Periodically profiled reinforcing bar is a circular steel rod two longitudinal and transverse projections ledges.

For each class of the rebar there are specified steel grades:

  • AI (A240) - St3kp (ps, sp);
  • AII (A300) - St5sp (ps), 18G2S;
  • AIII (A400) - 35GS, 25G2S, A500S, A400S, 32G2RPS;
  • AIV (A600) - 80S, 20HG2S;
  • AV (A800) - 23H2G2T;
  • AVI (A1000) -22H2G2AU, 22H2G2R, 20H2G2SR.

Thermomechanicaly strengthened rebar steel of the steel grade A400 and A500S is produced by West-Siberian Metallurgical Plant (WSMP) using St3 steel as a base and is a substitute for steel grades 35GS, 25G2S.

Thermally strengthened periodically profiled steel rods of the diameter 6-40mm - the so called “thermic” is used for the construction of strategic reinforced concrete structures, GOST 10884-81. According to the standard this rebar is made out of these types of steel:

  • AtIII - St (sp, ps);
  • AtIV, AtIVK - 20GS, 25G2S, 35GS, 28S, 10GS2, 08G2S, 25S2P;
  • AtV(K and SK) - 20GS, 20GS2, 08G2S, 10GS2, 28S, 25G2S, 35GS, 25S2R, 20HGS2;
  • AtVII - 30HS2.

In the nomenclature of these classes of rebar the letters correspond to:

“K” - increased resistance to corrosive fracturing under stress.

“S” - weldable

Minimum size of the rebar of any class - 6(mm),

maximum size - 80(mm), all that is below or above these sizes can be made by special order to factories-producers.

The size of the periodically profiled rebar (corrugated) corresponds to the diameter of the plain rod (excluding the protrusions from corrugation). 


Name Size Length Weight 1 pc/kg
Rebar A-III, GOST 5781 8 6 2.4
Rebar A-III, GOST 5781 10 11.7 7.6
Rebar A-III, GOST 5781 12 11.7 10.8
Rebar A-III, GOST 5781 14 11.7 14.9
Rebar A-III, GOST 5781 16 11.7 18.9
Rebar A-III, GOST 5781 18 11.7 24.5
Rebar A-III, GOST 5781 20 11.7 30
Rebar A-III, GOST 5781 22 11.7 35.6
Rebar A-III, GOST 5781 25 11.7 46
Rebar A-III, GOST 5781 28 11.7 57.64
Rebar A-III, GOST 5781 32 11.7 75.3


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