Hot-rolled and bent channel correspond to this type of metal product. Channel is a metal product with  P(П)- type cross-section. Channel is mostly produced  from metal slabs through mills. Channels are separated into the following categories:

Hot-rolled steel channels.

This type of channel is produced according to GOST 535-88 with parallel flanges and sloping flanges: 10, 10P and etc. The slope of inner flanges must not exceed 10%.

Assortment of the steel hot-rolled channel corresponds to GOS 8240-89.

The number of the channel corresponds to its size (distance between the inner flanges) expressed in cm. For example: Channel #10 - distance between the inner flanges equals 10cm. All other parameters: flange width, wall thickness and etc. according to GOST (shown in the GOST catalogue).

Channel that has letter A at the end of the number (14A) is a channel with sloping inner flanges, it means the flanges are wider and hence the weight of each meter is larger than ordinary channel.

There are special types of hot-rolled channel:

special channel for automotive industry - GOST 19425-74 (18S, 20S);

special channel for wagon production - GOST 5267.1-90 (8W, 14W, 18W).

Bent steel channel (equal and non-equal flanges):

Steel bent channels (profiled bent channel) is produced according to GOST 11474-76 on channel profiling machines from cold-rolled and hot-rolled steel of ordinary, carbon and high quality constructional or low alloyed steel.

Channel assortment corresponds to:

equal flanges - GOST 8278-89;

non-equal flanges - GOST 8281-80.

The numbers of such type of channels correspond to its size, represented in mm.

For example: 40x32x2.5, where 40 - in the distance between the flanges (mm), 32- width of the       flange (mm), 2.5 - wall thickness (mm).

Bent angle differs from rolled angle by rounded sides, judged by visual inspection.


Name Size Length Weight 1 pc/kg
Steel сhannel, GOST 535 6.5 11.7 70
Steel сhannel, GOST 535 8 11.7 85
Steel сhannel, GOST 535 10 11.7 105
Steel сhannel, GOST 535 12 11.7 127
Steel сhannel, GOST 535 14 11.7 153
Steel сhannel, GOST 535 16 11.7 175
Steel сhannel, GOST 535 18 11.7 203
Steel сhannel, GOST 535 20 12 230
Steel сhannel, GOST 535 22 12 265
Steel сhannel, GOST 535 24 12 306
Steel сhannel, GOST 535 27 12 352
Steel сhannel, GOST 535 30 12 394
Steel сhannel, GOST 535 40 12 600


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